Photography in Morocco

Photography draws its power from the plurality of its functions, it is the only way to capture the great moments in the life of a person. It is also an irreplaceable way of promotion for brands and businesses of all kinds. It conveys information and / or emotions. Photography is a universal spokesperson and an international means of communication. It allowed to share, with the world, the first steps on the moon by Neil Armstrong in 1969.

From a national perspective, nowadays, Morocco lives in the rhythms of one of the major expressions of the visual arts : photography in Morocco is becoming increasingly allied with the brand and product communication. Its importance is such that there is a growing craze. In Marrakesh, it is considered, in 2015, to open the largest museum dedicated to photography in the world , designed by architect David Chipperfield.

From an international perspective, photography has a universal appeal through its informative function. Can be seen for example, through the vision of a symbol of war in Afghanistan, that has been the cover of National Geographic magazine “The green-eyed Afghan Woman” in 1985, photograph taken by Steve McCurry. Thus, this emphasizes the powerful character of photography in modern society : it is an art in all other services, a trend in the service of all others, and finally a service to any other service. Whether in the advertising display, print, online media, static advertising , the image is one of the fine arts.