Marrakech photography

Photography in Marrakech appeared in 1901. Gabriel Veyre, operator Light director and French photographer marked the evolution of photography in Morocco by taking the opportunity to file his candidacy to become the engineer who would teach photography to Sultan Moulay Abdelaziz.
It’s between Marrakech and Fez, in the heart of the palace, that he teached his art. The sultan turned out to be a good student and often locked to immortalize moments and indulge in this new art. At the same moment, Gabriel Veyre took the opportunity to make a large photographic record of the twentieth century Morocco.
In 1907, the mission of Gabriel Veyre ends and Abraham succeeded him. At that time, we still stoned painters and photography was still perceived as a sorcery work for enclosing the souls of the faithful.
At the end of the 20s, attitudes are changing and we are witnessing the opening of the first photo studio, including the Douamna in Marrakech.