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Genious Lab Studio

With Genious Lab your photographs will get autographs’s !

Marrakech photographer Genious lab studio is the result of a frantic desire to express our creativity. What compels us to share with you, our greatest passion: photography.

Our core target relates to the “Peter Pan” generation, a dreamy generation that refuses to grow up. We will transpose this world of creativity, innovation and pellet in the company’s marketing strategy and in the ‘personal branding’ of the leaders of the photography studio. Our philosophy is summed up in the famous words of Descartes “I think therefore I am”. Adapted to the essence of our company : ”We think Therefore We take pictures”.


    Genious Lab value your personality ! 
    Thanks to Genious lab’s experience in the field of photography, and its creative ability to value your personality, different concepts and professional retouching will bring an added value to your portrait studio.
    Many techniques of shooting and lighting used on your portrait photos are similar to those used in major fashion photo shoot studios.

    Give an artistic image to your models! 
    Fashion is an art and Genious Lab team is there to express it through the clichés of her innovative studio. Model photography, fashion shows, book photo, portfolio… Genious Lab makes a point to capture the finest expressions while bringing its personal touch. The unlimited creativity of its fashion photographers is a safe bet entirely dedicated to your casting agencies and your trendy magazines. Fashion is constantly evolving and our studio intends to participate in this growth.

    Make your customers dream by setting the scene of your space ! 
    Genious Lab is an expert in interior design photography. Through our different techniques of shooting and photo retouching, your photos will be a staging of your indoor and outdoor spaces. Thus, our photographer is committed to highlight the strengths of your spaces, considered as showcases of your business to your customers. Whether you are an interior designer, architect, owner of a store, riad, guest house, villa, hotel, restaurant, or real estate agent.

    Boost your sales with sparkling images !
    Thanks to the Genious lab mobile studio, forget about flat and neutral images on your communications media ! Your products are highlighted by custom lighting for each type of catalog. The light used in catalogs and product photography is exposed in order to create unique atmospheres around your products. Still life photography, decorative objects, accessories, cosmetics, computers, leather goods … Genious Lab is the ideal provider to give life to all types of products.

    Let your customers taste your food before eating it ! 
    Genious Lab has the best picture tools to illuminate, by a unique play of light, the composition of your culinary products. Open wide the appetite of your customer, by bringing to their favorite dishes a new flavor based on visual tasting ! Our professional photography studio in Marrakech, offers the best technology to promote your recipes. Our motto : the more you have the more you want!

    Mark the history of your events !
    Event photography is an essential tool used by Genious Lab in order to immortalize your events. Wedding photography, exhibitions, conferences, festivals, private parties, cocktail parties or graduation, by emotional photos. Speed and flexibility are a must to invite your guests to promote the concept behind your event. With Genious Lab, be sure that your event will be crowned a meteoric success that will remain etched in guests’ minds.

    Give a strong identity to your business !
    Promote your ads with professional pictures, made with a creative and customized ambition to your company’s image. The Genious Lab lighting system and its professional team of photographers create high definition visuals for your advertising photography, press ads, POS, magazines …

    A specific need in photography ? Genious Lab will carry it for you. 
    Book a professional photographer for a photoshoot session whatever your photo need throughout Marrakech and everywhere in Morocco.

    We design what your brain perceives !
    Photography and graphic design are nowadays two complementary activities. Our photographers and graphic designers work together to enhance your brand with elegant graphics. Visual identity, graphic design, magazine, catalog, poster, flyer…We realize what your brain perceives on any type of support.

Genious Lab is a Photography Studio in Marrakech, built in a pioneering spirit completely redesigned by our Photographers.

The photo studio of Genious Lab provides an ideal setting for all types of photography; shooting photo space, make up area and work station.

Our philosophy is summed up in the famous words of Descartes “I think therefore I am”. Adapted to the essence of our company. “We think Therefore We take pictures”…

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  • Office : Boulevard Allal El Fassi. Opération Boustane I. Immeuble E. Appt 6. Marrakech. Maroc.
  •  Studio : 393, Lot. Zohour, Route de Fes. Marrakech. Maroc.
The foundation of the Genious lab studio is the result of a frantic desire to express our creativity. What compels us to share with you, our greatest passion: photography.